Step through the gateway to your body's cells. Learn to powerfully support vibrant health as you experience how biology and spirit can come together for healing.

Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D.,is an internationally respected scientist, healer, and teacher.
She and her associates will help you begin your own journey to deep levels of cellular healing.

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"After my phone sessions with Joyce I experienced great, as well as subtle, healing ultimately releasing the past and opening the door to my present! I always hold her in my heart and credit our brief work together as having played a part allowing me to move forward to my current level of purpose and joy."
  -- Kathy, Chicago

"This letter ... is about my eye. There is no doubt now that your help changed my retina. [No vision in this eye before the session.] It was rapid during first 12 hours, and then slow but sure progress. I can read 1/2 inch letters from 4 feet distance."
  -- Eva, Anaheim, CA

"Pain from surgery was an issue for me. Early on Joyce took the pain away. It was such a relief. She supported me through my chemo and radiation and my sense of well-being was much improved."
  -- Helen, Seattle

Training, Workshops, and Events with Joyce and Helen   

April 25-30   Come to the Bahamas!
April 25 Evening Talk
April 26 Pathways to Healing Workshop & Evening Talk
April 27 - 30: Course: Cell-Level Healing: Union of Body and Spirit
More info:

June 8-12
West Coast Cell-Level Healing Retreat - Beginning Level
Mosswood Hollow, near Seattle
More info soon!

July 24-26
Cell-Level Healing Workshop
Boulder, Colorado
More info soon!

August 14-23
IIIHS Conference
Montreal, Canada
More info soon at

September 21-26
West Coast Cell-Level Healing Retreat - Advanced Level
Mosswood Hollow, near Seattle
*Prerequisite: Beginning Level
More info soon!


October 3 - 5, 2014
Experiencing Soul: Moving Beyond Space, Time, and Words
Joyce and Helen join Eben Alexander and Larry Dossey
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
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October 5 - 10, 2014
Cell-Level Healing Workshop:
Cellular Renewal for Health and Vitality
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
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Join us in the Bahamas - Lovely Brochure (Click Here)
March 3 - 5, 2014
Steps on the Path to Healing
Sivananda Ashram, The Bahamas
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March 6 - 9, 2014
The Waters of Healing: A Course in Cell-Level Healing
Sivananda Ashram, The Bahamas
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June 2-6, 2014  Now Full - See added August date below
West Coast Training - A First!
Mosswood Hollow
More information

August 1 - 10
IIIHS Conference, Montreal
August 2 - Lecture: The Conscious Healer - You
August 4 - Workshop Part 1: Awaken the Healer Within
August 6 - Workshop Part 2
      More info:

August 25-29
West Coast Cell-Level Healing Retreat - Now Closed
Mosswood Hollow
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August 11 - 16, 2013
Omega Institute
Workshop (22.5 CEs available)
Rhinebeck, NY
More information at

March 26-30, 2013
Sivananda Yoga Retreat Center
Yoga and Sacred Healing Symposium
Evening Talk, March 27, Morning Talk, March 28
Workshops March 28 & 29
Paradise Island, The Bahamas
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April 5, 2013
East West Bookshop
Talk: Beyond Belief: Research Evidence for Cell-Level Healing
7:30 - 9:00 PM
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April 6, 2013
East West Bookshop
Workshop: Cell-Level Healing: The Practice, The Experience,
The Research Results
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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June 18, 2013
Science to Sage International
Radio Interview with Karen Elkins
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July 5 - 14, 2013
38th International Institute for Integral Human Sciences Conference
Keynote and Workshop
Montreal, Canada
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Online Training
Foundations in Healing Seminar Series
-- 6 hours that will change your relationship to your body and your health
                More Information at

"Your Webinars have given me knowledge about the structure of cells, the nano parts of the    body and the energy contained in these parts.  This is a completely new area to me - far from my profession    . . . and is very helpful.  I look forward to the next Webinar and its connection to my healing process.  Thank you so much for these informative sessions!"
   -- Linda N,  Kansas

"LOVED it! . . . It really helps me visualize the science and the spiritual together and how they are married to one another. I have always enjoyed learning how the human body works and its intricacies and how the Universe weaves its wonders thru it."
  -- Mohler C, Texas

Excerpts and Interviews

March 27, 2012
       Coast to Coast Radio
Interviewer: George Noory
       Catch the replay at   

Audio - Joyce reads from her new book:
    The Balance And Harmony Meditation
    from Resonance: Nine Practices for Harmonious Health and Vitality

        Interview by C J Liu on  Fire It Up with

        Video Excerpt - Healing: The Divine Interface
    Sivananda Ashram
            Paradise Island, Bahamas

    Hear Joyce on VividLife Radio




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